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Terms and Concepts

Posted by M Kari Barr on Saturday, April 12, 2014,

Terms and Concepts Defined

Chronicler: An assigned duty usually relegated to Brownies. They often are assigned to write the history of Royal Fair Ones.

The Land of Eternal Spring: A place where Fair Folk go to get away from Human encroachment. The same place King Arthur was sent on the barge. That haven known as Avalon.

The Land of Dreams: Nearly like The Land of Eternal Spring, but it is accessed through Dreams within The Void rather than a physical stepping into another dimension.

The V...

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Classifications of the Faire

Posted by M Kari Barr on Saturday, April 12, 2014,


Aerie: A wind elemental, which is a near invisible type of sprite seen only by the gifted, or at the whim of the Aerie.

Aliens: Do visit from far away planets. They prefer the title Visitors.

Brownies: Keep the world in shape. Indeed, one would assume they were more respected, as they run the banking system among Fair Ones, provide fashion advice, craft items in a moment, and keep homes dust and rat free! Yet, they enjoy being servants, having an...

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Character List for Books One and Two

Posted by M Kari Barr on Saturday, April 12, 2014,

MAJOR CHARACTERS in Books One and Two

Mara Lilyana Jamis is the central character. Twenty years old and soon to graduate as a photography major when the story begins. She is unaware that a whole mystical world exists and lives among us mere Humans. The magical reality is about to come crashing into her consciousness, causing a near breakdown.

Aerrvin ap Rosewin is a Fairy Prince sent to America by his parents to prevent squabbling between he and his sister Harmony, who is to become the new Fair...

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