MAJOR CHARACTERS in Books One and Two

Mara Lilyana Jamis is the central character. Twenty years old and soon to graduate as a photography major when the story begins. She is unaware that a whole mystical world exists and lives among us mere Humans. The magical reality is about to come crashing into her consciousness, causing a near breakdown.

Aerrvin ap Rosewin is a Fairy Prince sent to America by his parents to prevent squabbling between he and his sister Harmony, who is to become the new Fairy Queen when her mother steps down from the Rose Crown. Aerrvin has been given the Americas to create his own Kingdom. Aerrvin has been repeatedly asked to find a wife; as it is tradition that the firstborn produce an heir before the second child does. Harmony married far too young, but she did, so now Aerrvin feels the pressure and eventually concedes that yes, now is the time to find his own companion.

Bronwyn of clan MacIntash is a Brownie Chronicler, meaning he is writing the story so he is not often included as a character. He is married to Button and their children are Gingham, Seamus and Calico.  Seamus is a Chronicler in training and more often than not accompanies Aerrvin on his travels and exploits. Brownies are a servant class either serving a location or an individual.

Clay of Glennferry is Mara's Personal Protector and Attendant. He plays a major role in book two and beyond. Mara comes to depend on him and he commits to serve her as long as she needs him.

Morvayne ap Stewart is the main villain in books one and two. As an Elf he ranks higher than Fairies, Brownies etcetera. He has had a major upset in his life causing him to hate and despise Humans. He desires to cleanse the earth from two thirds of its' Humanity. He is confident that the remaining Humans will come to worship and adore him as the King of the world. He has chosen Mara as his Bride long before she ever learns about him and the world of the Faire.

Many more major characters to be added for book 2....


Jill Beckett is Mara's renter/roommate. Jill is a chef with plans to open her own catering shop. She watches out for Mara like a big sister; they are best friends.

Amanda Powers is Mara's mother. She remarried when Mara was young and moved from Seattle to Sequim, Washington, where Mara's step-father owns and operates an electronics store. She very strictly frowns upon the mention of, and belief in magic.

Rick Powers is Mara's Step-father. Father of Ricky Powers Mara's eighteen year old step brother.  As well as Mara's half-sister’s Sarah and Becky.

Ironwood ap Jamis is a wealthy professor and Mara's grandfather whom Mara loves, but rarely sees.

Gareth ap Rosewin is Aerrvin's cousin and body guard, chief of security and most important Aerrvin's Nest Mate and best friend. Fairies prefer to sleep in nests so those with whom they sleep are called Nest Mates.

Jaera the Green another Nest Mate and best friend of Gareth and Aerrvin. They have two other female Nest Mates but they do not go to Seattle for the adventures which follow so they are merely names.

Pastor Mike is Mara's pastor and also psychologist to whom she turns when she fears she is going mad.

John and Sarianne are very minor character's they are the youth pastors at Mara's church.

Dougie is the geek neighbor who lives across the street from Mara and Jill, he sets up the sound systems for all the parties Jill throws.

Sylvie is a Brownie. Her family has served the house Mara lives in since it was built in the 1800's. Her parents are Duncan and Juniper.

Gwennara Wallace is the Elvin Queen of all the Realms and mother of the three princesses Daffodil, Tigerlily and Arianna

Brand the Bright is a Fairy. More importantly Brand is King Consort to Queen Gwennara.

Morthe an Ogre friend of Clay's.

Balmoral is a famed musician among the Fairies and all the magical Realm, he now resides in Tacoma, Washington; living quietly, attending a Library for the Fair Ones. Most thought he was dead as he is over 900 years in age.

Laura Lie Ironwood's new wife, she's very shy and is a naturalist, with a preference for study over interaction.

Rowan is Laura Lie's sister.

Johann and Sasha are Husband and wife, they are Fairies, their rare twins are Berry and Bright. Johann and Sasha are mentioned in book one and offer some help for a difficult issue in book three, not major players in the storyline.

Meriel is a Sea Dragon with three young dragons at home in her cave. Dragons are neutral as far as good and evil so they are best approached with caution.

Mirri Sihee - Aerrvin's constant companion, she is an Aerie or Wind Sprite.