Aerie: A wind elemental, which is a near invisible type of sprite seen only by the gifted, or at the whim of the Aerie.

Aliens: Do visit from far away planets. They prefer the title Visitors.

Brownies: Keep the world in shape. Indeed, one would assume they were more respected, as they run the banking system among Fair Ones, provide fashion advice, craft items in a moment, and keep homes dust and rat free! Yet, they enjoy being servants, having an inborn desire to serve. Whether it is a house or an individual, when either passes away Brownies are distraught until they find new employment. Speaking of shape Brownies tend to be rounder and shorter than your average Fairy. They prefer to live beneath the ground and like to blend with their surroundings, hence the name Brownie. Gnomes and leprechauns are essentially the same as Brownies, if there ever was a distinction it was long ago and they intermarry as often as not.

Charites: From Greek mythology. They are in actuality simply Elves; daughters of Aegle (a Nyad) and Helios, (yes Apollo is an Elf). Also known as the Roman Graces. Muses who inspire Mankind in grace, beauty, adornment, mirth, festivity, dance and song.

Doppelgangers: Have the ability to take on the form of another, and not only that; they can take in some of the persons’ memories and affectations. So one may never know if the person they are speaking to is in reality that self-same person. In the process of taking the memories the person dies and is incorporated into the Doppelgangers being.

Dragons: Known for their fickle behavior, having chosen to stand on the sidelines as it were, choosing neither good nor evil. Yet in the end choosing to help either side as whimsy dictates, revealing their true nature. Dragons come in many varieties, some of which are: Sea Dragons, Snow Dragons and the regular cave dwelling sort. Check my story page for a short tale of how they came to be.

Dryads: Tree Sprites lacking verbal communication. Through song and desire they encourage the health and vitality of all the trees of earth.

Elementals: Aeries of the wind, also known as Sylphs. Fieries of the fire, also known as Salamanders (not the creature although, they have been known to prefer to mimic that form). Like Aeries Fieries are rarely seen and communicated with. Undines of the water- a variety of Fair Folk fit this category they are Water Sprites, Mermaids and Nyads. Kelpie are simply unkind Mermaids. Kraken are also water elementals, but they are beastly with no language, it is best to steer clear of Kraken infested waters. Gnomes are the elemental class reserved for Earth, which explains why Gnomes and Brownies live below as often as possible and can fashion nearly anything from the elements of the earth. Brownies hate to admit it, but Goblins belong in this classification as well.

Imps: Simply wild Fairies without the good sense to behave.

Elves: Are considered the highest ranking class. The Queen of all the Realms is always an Elf. Other Fair Ones feel compelled to bow and otherwise honor Elves with respect. Elves are reserved and contemplative. Their natural state is Human sized, but with training and practice they have the ability to transform into any creature they desire.

Fairies: More prolific than Elves, Fairies have spread out pretty evenly across the Earth’s surface, though they prefer to stay away from dry and hot places. Their natural state is to be five to six inches or so when full grown. Like Elves, many of them have developed the talent to transform their shape and size. Often they will attend parties with Humans, or go to college and none will ever be the wiser. Fairies are far more relaxed and playful though and enjoy music and dance, night and day.

Fairies come in a variety of colors: Gold and Silver are only in the Royal lines.
Red Fairies are wordsmiths, poets writers what have you.
Yellows tend to have fiery attitudes and they enjoy academics.
Blues are calm and clear minded suited to analytical thinking, planning and strategy with a cheerful attitude. Greens are wild, one never knows what they will do, it’s best to not plan as far as they are concerned. Oranges are standoffish they prefer to stick together and they tend to have a martial tendency, meaning they start fights and would like to have battles just for the pleasure of it.
Purples simply enjoy life and are happy go lucky.
Whites are solitary and need space away from other’s more often than not, they like to ponder and analyze, sometimes they brood and sulk.

Some Fairies have more than one attribute as genetics has played a great game of scramble with the colors. Two final notes on Fairies. Their wings are not actual appendages, they are ethereal visions and can change shape and size according to each Fairy’s whim. Secondly, Fairy Dust wafts away from a Fairy or an Elf when they perspire. The scent is almost always lovely, part of the magic in the Dust is gained from the skills each Fairy or Elf possesses.

Goblins: Live beneath the surface and prefer to stay there. Yet they will take sport in frightening lonely single people, or children, as they lie awake in their beds at night. When Brownies are treated with respect within ones home (by offering them cookies and milk) they ensure that no Goblins ever enter to disrupt the peace of the home. Unlike Brownies, Goblins have the ability to transform their looks, so they are prone to outlandish attitudes and horrific countenances.

Nyads: Water Sprites with a superiority complex. They rarely marry outside of their community and absolutely shun Human relations. Though they enjoy taunting and teasing.

Nymphs: Originally Tree and Water Sprites, but over time they have evolved into their own class. Mostly female they are overcome with a need to tease and entice, generally from sundown to sun up. The rest of the time they are usually Fairies, but can be Elves and other types of Fair Ones. To other Fair Ones they smell delightful, and to Humans the pheromones cause desire without the added joy of scent. Meet up with a Nymph and you are pretty much a goner.

Ogres: Sided with evil when they first took their stand. But over the centuries they have been reduced in number and those remaining choose to be neutral and some even side with good.

Sprites: Generally water creatures, but sometimes Tree Fairies and Dryads can be called Sprites.

Trolls: Sided with Evil and will gladly eat Humans, Elves and Fairies if given the chance.

Unicorns: Are Real!!

Vampires: Created by the Visitors as an experiment in genetic engineering.

Visitors: Are not genetically related to Earthly beings. They first arrived as scientific explorers. They have Talents and Powers which some Elves would like to gain.

Water Sprites: Have the ability to live in water for days without surfacing, but can also live above the surface and be free from any water for a few weeks. They have many of the same abilities as Fairies and Elves.

This is an evolving list as I write further adventures I will add more classes if needed