Terms and Concepts Defined

Chronicler: An assigned duty usually relegated to Brownies. They often are assigned to write the history of Royal Fair Ones.

The Land of Eternal Spring: A place where Fair Folk go to get away from Human encroachment. The same place King Arthur was sent on the barge. That haven known as Avalon.

The Land of Dreams: Nearly like The Land of Eternal Spring, but it is accessed through Dreams within The Void rather than a physical stepping into another dimension.

The Void: A place, outside of Time and Space, where Fair Ones have developed the ability to live alternate lives through Dreaming. Humans have the ability to reach the first two levels, but have never been able to reach The Void. It is through The Void that all Fair Ones have access to The Land of Eternal Spring.

Windows: Portals through which one can Travel from here to there. One must needs have been "there" before, in order to be able to get "there" again. They never open inside of an object and are quite safe and effective. Not all Brownies have the ability, but most Fairies and all Elves certainly do.