So I am not the best at blogging. Of course it would be different had I an avid audience. For now we shall treat it as journaling. 2010...hmmm. It was a good enough year. Plenty of hardships and trials. But I don't dwell on those. I tend to let life slide past. I should journal more often and then I would know what had happened in my life. I was released from my obligations to serve the Young Woman organisation at church. That was a trial I do love that assignment. Later I was asked to be a Sunday School teacher. Not a favorite as I don't like preparing a lesson each week. But I like my students even if one of them is my own 15 year old son! 

My writing has slowed due to a mysterious ailment afflicting my right hand and left knee. Initiallly I was told it was carpal tunnel and to lay off typing, then it should repair itself. But now they admit it is not carpal tunnel and indeed I should use my hand as much as possible. I have lost the ability to grip, put can still type in a pecking sort of fashion.

My story is still being looked at by a small press. Unless they responded and the message went to my junk mail. Currently I am reading book 12 in The Wheels of Times Series. I like Robert Jordan and do see a slight difference in Brian Sanderson's writing. But so far it's not something that stands out. As a fan I just want to know what happens!

I do have ideas brewing in my head for follow up stories in this magical world I have created. I also have ideas for a few unrelated stories.  Once February rolls around and I have recovered my home sufficiently from the holidays (yes an entire month to clean is not unrealistic!) I may begin to write again in earnest.

I am not one to set goals for each new year as I need to be doing and achieving the same things at all times. Therefore I end with a wish for peace and happiness.

And include a video

I enjoy this song and it fits well with the relationship Mara has with the other characters in my story.