It was in The First Garden, when he made the decision. Ebere, an Elf, having been the first among many made the choice. Man and woman were given the garden as their responsibility. The Fair Ones were simple creations; meant to beautify and give joy. 

Oh, we were given commandments; similar to those given to mankind. 

We were told to be fruitful and multiply, as all living things were. We were told that cruelty and murder were wrong, yes, even worthy of punishment. We remain in a near state of innocence, we live close to nature; modesty is nothing to us. Does a flower have need to hide itself? Nay never, nor should a Fairy or Elf have need.

We wear clothes for the joy it brings; vainly we garner attention with the fluttering of our silks and flash of iridescent wings. Wings, which are simply a mirage; a symbol of our power, not a necessity for flight. Unlike Fairies, Elves of course have no wings at all in their natural state. 

So it was, that just before the expulsion, Ebere had been pondering upon the commandments to ‘go forth and multiply’. Along with those other Fair Ones in the garden with him, he had learned that they had abilities which the Human’s did not. The Elves and Fairies could transform into other shapes and animals.


“Yes, you may have guessed where I am going…” their mother said. “Ebere chose to become a great beast, later to be called a dinosaur. He mated and was delighted that his offspring had his abilities while maintaining their draconian form. So it was that soon after their departure from The Garden, our ancestors were given life. So while some say we were not one of His creations, indeed some claim we are corrupt and evil! I say Ebere was using his freely given agency to go forth and multiply. We honor him, my younglings, for giving us life. Ebere, our Father, we thank you…” she closed her large eyes in respect.

The Dragonlets had just been taught about their abilities to Transform their sleek and agile frames into that of Elves, as well as any creature they desired. The only female preened before a mirror; transitioning every few minutes from her white hide which had a soft green sheen floating like oil upon its surface, to her Elvin form which she found equally attractive. Her hair was like corn silk flowing long and straight to her waist. Her skin was creamy white and flawless and her eyes were much like her original as they shone a silvery green with an oily rainbow slick upon the surface. 

Smiling she turned to her brothers, “Oh this is fun! Come join me, let us go into the village and greet those who live there!”

Her brothers thought this a wonderful idea, looking similar in coloring and having equally long hair; they caused their bodies to be clothed like the villagers they had seen in their flights. Being more respectful, they turned to their mother, “Mother, may we visit the village?”


She was aware that this day would come so with regret she permitted their flight. This time they left without wings as they joyfully departed, never suspecting it would be years before they returned. Not that they meant to forget their mother and home; this too is a natural part of life. Dragons live almost eternally, if they desire it. So being one hundred they were full of youthful exuberance and excited to experience the young kingdoms in the valley.

Through this experience they continued the commandment given in the Garden, oh so many years ago…