Dare I truly share my musical tastes?

I found a cool music video which I posted above. I find the creativity of mankind truly amazing. But in all ages we can find music to enjoy. I am not one to only like one form of music...I am willing to give anything a listen. I do prefer that I can understand what is being screamo is not something I turn to...and yet I can give it a fair shot...and mostly enjoy seeing the performance...same with jazz, not really a fan, but I have been to very nice concerts and watching the musicians is what makes the appreciation for their talents grow. I love children performers...when they have talent, and I enjoy childrens songs as well as hymns.

My preference is rooted in folk. I was born in 1963 and well folk was everywhere as I grew up. My mother listened to many artists as well, so I was not conditioned to only one form of music. I am not rebellious and so I had no need to seek out the music that would offend my parents the most either. So I love Simon and Garfunkel, Celtic Music, James Taylor and Johnny Cash. Songs with stories have a deep a way to entertain people after a long day at work.  So some country music is nice but really I like it only barely more than jazz.

I have found that often people stop listening to new music somewhere in their twenties. I have made it a habit to keep up with modern sounds, therefore I am not shocked and surprised when I hear something new coming  from the radio. But I forget that my husband did not make this commitment to stay with the times and so we might be going along in the car listening to whatever the kids want to hear and he will at times ask, "What are you listening to?"

Still with the advent of youtube we can listen to anything and I found my new love in The Kelly Family. I drove my own family crazy with my need to listen and share their music. They have decades of videos to listen to so it was great fun devouring everything I could find. They have split apart musically each member doing their own thing...but still they are involved in music or show biz in one way or another. If I had the money I most definitely would go to Europe to see any one of their concerts. But Paddy, and John would be my top picks followed by Angelo and Jimmy.  So from time to time I will share one of their songs...I simply cannot help myself.