The Troll king slurped, unconcerned with his appearance. Slobbering is a natural state for Trolls, indeed a mere thought can trigger the juices flowing. Scent causes great ribbons to stream. Viscous drooling is even seen as a turn on to not a few Trolls. The natural light gleaming hot from the summer sun above cast it’s beam brightly on King Orrik, sitting upon his throne, allowing any who chanced to look, a superlative view of his highly praised visage.

Green skin, very much like a chameleon as it switches from green to brown, always he sported new pustules which emitted a delicate aroma. Today he had five, which had broken free in the night. He chuckled as he recalled how the scent caused the Elves and Fairies to recoil, evidently Trolls smell bad to their inferior noses.

Ever a favored snack were Fairies, they are so sweet and delightful. Alas, he was barred from such treats. As he sat now, in his Elvin warded cave, he thought back to his youth. A tortuous exercise to be sure, but dinner would be served soon and it would satisfy, if not entirely please.

The most delightful delicacy had chanced upon him, when he had used a glamour to disguise his natural green hued skin and minimize his height and girth. Seven feet tall was just too large to blend in. In his disguise, wrought by magic, he appeared to be a six foot five football player, with a wide but handsome face. The year as had among Humans was 1970. He was in Sacramento.

The smell of all the Human flesh was so tantalizing, yet he had snacked before he set out and truly did enjoy a well cooked meal. Tony's Bar and Grill served an all you can eat steak bonanza. That is if you can eat the first thirty-two ounce steak and accompanying baked potato, you get a second one for free. Well, obviously he could, and had done so on many an occasion, usually in the company of fellow Trolls. But tonight he was on his own.

As he finished the second steak, a scent wafted into the room. An aroma so tantalizing his mouth sent drool down in sudden ribbons threatening to soak his shirt. Hastily he

slurped it back, and scanned the room, this was one scent he would not give up on.

There she was, a cute blonde with her waist length hair done up in little tight waves, wafting her scent in every direction. She was on the prowl, Orrik could tell. Her eyes scanned the room, even as she acted casual, her drink in hand. Coyly making eye contact and dismissing her target. Accepting a dance, but easily disentangling as she searched.

He made eye contact.  It was electric, she grinned and made her way to him. They danced, each inhaling often, laughing when they caught the other. She was slender, but tall. Her eyes were a lovely grey.  She allowed him to take the lead.

He slid his hands down her back as they swayed to the music.

 “You feel so tender and sweet. What was your name again?” Orrik asked in her ear, again taking in her aroma.

 “Gianna, and you feel pretty sweet yourself.”  Gianna again inhaled, letting out a wistful sigh.

She wanted him he knew. She caressed his massive chest and emitted a gentle purr. Her eyes simply glowed.

“It’s getting a little stuffy in here; I am going to take a breather. Care to join me?”  He asked.

“Not at all,” she replied, lifting her hair as if to cool her neck. Her scent was so alluring!

The pair walked out arm in arm, leaving many a prospect’s eyes saddened, as her scent had enticed them as well. For a truth she was a Vampire, Orrik had only heard of their allure. And having finally chanced upon one, he was not about to lose her.

As he walked her towards a shadowed alley, he felt her muscles tighten as her scent increased. He knew that the scent tended to slow down Humans, making them fuzzy minded, but for him it merely increased his desire.

Turning towards her as she surely expected, he then said, “You smell so delightful, I could just eat you up.”

She grinned, revealing fangs and replied, “I was just about to say the same.” 

She rushed and Orrik enjoyed the shock as he moved faster than any Human prey she had ever encountered. The juice filled his mouth and he sated his needs, having picked her up easily, his first bite was from her soft entrails, yet he continued consuming every last bite. Never had a meal been so satisfying!

The only thing to be found in the morning was her faded jeans and a few shreds of her shirt, as well as the beads she wore attractively around her head. No blood, no crime scene.

Orrik watched the cook coming in to work as she picked the clothes up with a “tsking” noise and threw them in the dumpster. He had changed his disguise to blend with the shrubbery, having been far too full to go home at the time.


Orrik sighed as half a cow was carried in for his dinner. Raw and juicy, lovely, but never so wonderful as that bloodless Vampire in 1970. Sweet, satisfyingly tortuous, memories...