I thought summer would never arrive! It is always so very late up here in Eastern Washington. We have thoughts and plans of moving south one day...but it won't be anytime soon. 

Here is a sweet tale I wrote about a lovely summery day as experienced by a mom and her two kids.

Summer Pleasures

The day was…just like any other day in summer. One could expect a day like this described in poetry and novels, yes, even fairy tales. Mother and Arilyn had taken a holiday from chores and everyday drudgery. Packing a picnic and hoisting baby Jan in her back pack, Mother and Arilyn headed out to the meadow. The walk was controlled by mother’s gait as Arilyn skipped away and returned, ever eager to be on their way. The meadow had flowers, grasses and weeds. The treasure was a stream. Rocks and frogs were to be discovered. Insects near the brook could be heard singing their songs; adding to the mood Mother felt.

Arilyn watched the frog. Her eyes followed as it hopped. She stood. She followed. She chased. Arilyn’s mother watched as her child laughed. She crossed the brook, she got wet. But it was summer, the clouds puffed by. Arilyn caught the frog. Paying no heed to the flowers, she stepped on them, while eying her catch. Mother watched her face, she smiled. 

“Mommy, look at it!” She called. She giggled as it escaped her grasp.

‘“Come back here you!”

Laughing she called out, “I’m gonna get you Froggy!”

Mother sat on the blanket in the shade feeding the baby.

After another round of splashing and chasing, she once again had her prize. 

Wishing to show her pleasure, she brought it to her mother as the water dripped off her hair and clothes. 

Mother laughed, “Arilyn, stay back! You are wet. Yes, that is a frog. Thank you for the sight. Let him go now so he can be with his friends.”

Arilyn complied with a pout. But soon she was off on another adventure…

Arilyn was ever doing something to create memories. Memories which would last a lifetime. Memories her mother would cherish forevermore.

Her girl. With dirt and smiles.