So this is not my first attempt at blogging, nor my first attempt at running a web page. But I am hoping it will be a better tended attempt! Currently my Novel is being looked at by a small publishing house. I wait anxiously (when I remember that it's out there) to hear what they think. Having recently done a sixth review I found several SPaG errors (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar) so I am not feeling very confidant. But I am still very happy with the story and allow it to occupy my thoughts often. 

Having participated in contests at has served it's intended purpose in helping me become aware of better writing techniques. I myself tend to write in long boring stretches and use a lot of passive words. Not something a writer wants to hear but that has been the feedback, so it is  a good thing to know so that when I start new stories I can do a better job of being more lively.

Truly a difficult task for one so blah as myself. My mother once re-read a passage from her journal to me and my husband, about us as newly engaged or newly married I do not recall. But she described us as the most morose couple she had ever seen and wondered if we were even happy! It was a surprise to me that we were seen that way, but funny too. Donny is rather grumpy and I tend to leave my smile elsewhere. But inside I feel pleasant and calm. Just one of the many things I need to face while calm looks morose. Now I know why people always tell me to smile!

So, as we leave behind Thanksgiving and look forward to Christmas I will endeavor to incorporate a little bit of gratitude into my demeanor. For I am grateful for many things and have no reason to be looking glum. LIfe is good. :)