Once Again: A Modern Fairytale

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About The Author

Melani Kari Barr

Born in Boise, Idaho, second daughter and fourth child out of an eventual six children, Kari took on the classic personality of a middle child. Mainly compliant, in a stubborn sort of way, she rarely caused her parents difficulties in raising. 

Kari married her sweetheart at the age of 18 with the hopes of traveling the world. He was Air Force, but she never left Washington State! Having never attended college one would think she was not concerned with education. But she has always had a great love of books and cannot go a day without reading something. After having eight children and designing/building her dream home she was faced with free time as her youngest began school. So she decided to write.

Once Again began in 2009. She completed Triumph in early 2010. Her hope is to see her books published soon. In the meantime she will be editing and writing short stories and poetry to submit to magazines and contests.

Kari has also decided to get that education she rejected earlier, by attending BYU-Idaho through their innovative online curriculum. Her new dream is to take as many English and writing classes as possible; so that she can edit her own books and not have to pay others to do it for her.

She posts much of her writing at storywrite.com under the name Mluvsyu http://storywrite.com/Mluvsyu it's a mishmash of near completed stories and poems... take your chances and if you find something you like let her know.

The author reading her poem "Adrift"

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