Once Again: A Modern Fairytale


July 10, 2014
I thought summer would never arrive! It is always so very late up here in Eastern Washington. We have thoughts and plans of moving south one day...but it won't be anytime soon. 

Here is a sweet tale I wrote about a lovely summery day as experienced by a mom and her two kids.

Summer Pleasures

The day was…just like any other day in summer. One could expect a day like this described in poetry and novels, yes, even fairy tales. Mother and Arilyn had taken a holiday from chores and everyday drudgery. Packing a picnic and hoisting baby Jan in her back pack, Mother and Arilyn headed out to the meadow. The walk was controlled by mother’s gait as Arilyn skipped away and returned, ever eager to be on their way. The meadow had flowers, grasses and weeds. The treasure was a stream. Rocks and frogs were to be discovered. Insects near the brook could be heard singing their songs; adding to the mood Mother felt.

Arilyn watched the frog. Her eyes followed as it hopped. She stood. She followed. She chased. Arilyn’s mother watched as her child laughed. She crossed the brook, she got wet. But it was summer, the clouds puffed by. Arilyn caught the frog. Paying no heed to the flowers, she stepped on them, while eying her catch. Mother watched her face, she smiled. 

“Mommy, look at it!” She called. She giggled as it escaped her grasp.

‘“Come back here you!”

Laughing she called out, “I’m gonna get you Froggy!”

Mother sat on the blanket in the shade feeding the baby.

After another round of splashing and chasing, she once again had her prize. 

Wishing to show her pleasure, she brought it to her mother as the water dripped off her hair and clothes. 

Mother laughed, “Arilyn, stay back! You are wet. Yes, that is a frog. Thank you for the sight. Let him go now so he can be with his friends.”

Arilyn complied with a pout. But soon she was off on another adventure…

Arilyn was ever doing something to create memories. Memories which would last a lifetime. Memories her mother would cherish forevermore.

Her girl. With dirt and smiles. 

There Be Dragons

April 8, 2014
The title was a movie...Here be Dragons a common phrase on maps...real and fictional.
I have always assumed dinosaurs were dragons...and never accepted the "fact" that all dinosaurs died out before man came on the scene. 

Some things really do not need science to confirm...and a belief in dragons is one of them. I of course do not really think they were magical in any way, nor that they breathed fire. BUT like some poisonous frogs and things like the gila monster it is very possible that they w...
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Musical Things

March 26, 2014


Dare I truly share my musical tastes?

I found a cool music video which I posted above. I find the creativity of mankind truly amazing. But in all ages we can find music to enjoy. I am not one to only like one form of music...I am willing to give anything a listen. I do prefer that I can understand what is being said...so screamo is not something I turn to...and yet I can give it a fair shot...and mostly enjoy seeing the performance...same with jazz, n...

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Fairy Dancers

March 24, 2014



Little ballerina

swiftly glide this way

thy dance it does beguile me
I love to see you sway




Skydancer flitting softly

gentle hum ensues

receive the nectar of my bounty

so willingly imbued




So dance for me, my darling

never leave my sight

sweet hummingbird of glory

sweet fairy of delight

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March 21, 2014

The Troll king slurped, unconcerned with his appearance. Slobbering is a natural state for Trolls, indeed a mere thought can trigger the juices flowing. Scent causes great ribbons to stream. Viscous drooling is even seen as a turn on to not a few Trolls. The natural light gleaming hot from the summer sun above cast it’s beam brightly on King Orrik, sitting upon his throne, allowing any who chanced to look, a superlative view of his highly praised visage.

Green skin, very much like a chameleo...

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How Dragons Came to Be

March 21, 2014

It was in The First Garden, when he made the decision. Ebere, an Elf, having been the first among many made the choice. Man and woman were given the garden as their responsibility. The Fair Ones were simple creations; meant to beautify and give joy. 

Oh, we were given commandments; similar to those given to mankind. 

We were told to be fruitful and multiply, as all living things were. We were told that cruelty and murder were wrong, yes, even worthy of punishment. We remain in a near state of i...

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Woe is Me...

March 20, 2014
I Must Laugh!!!

So many of my past blogs and journal entries look like the previous ones...and surely much like this one I now write. For someone who loves to write...journaling has always been such a chore...it means I must leave the make-believe world I live in...in order to tell about the real , and boring world that I live in.

But tonight I attended a writers group at the local Independent Bookstore Aunties in Spokane, WA. They had a panel of authors there discussing e-books vs. print as we...

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End of 2010

December 31, 2010
So I am not the best at blogging. Of course it would be different had I an avid audience. For now we shall treat it as journaling. 2010...hmmm. It was a good enough year. Plenty of hardships and trials. But I don't dwell on those. I tend to let life slide past. I should journal more often and then I would know what had happened in my life. I was released from my obligations to serve the Young Woman organisation at church. That was a trial I do love that assignment. Later I was asked to be a S...
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Sunday Night Thoughts

November 29, 2010
So this is not my first attempt at blogging, nor my first attempt at running a web page. But I am hoping it will be a better tended attempt! Currently my Novel is being looked at by a small publishing house. I wait anxiously (when I remember that it's out there) to hear what they think. Having recently done a sixth review I found several SPaG errors (Spelling Punctuation and Grammar) so I am not feeling very confidant. But I am still very happy with the story and allow it to occupy my thought...
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