Once Again a Modern Fairytale


Weekly Contest!

Submit your own Flash Fiction or Poetry to be included as a guest post on my blog. All winners will be posted for my "Spotlight Saturday" Post. 

Submissions will be considered for inclusion in my published magazine Intangience.


Submissions must be entered no later than 

Wednesday at Midnight - Pacific Time 


Flash Fiction should be no longer than 1200 words.

Poetry should be under 300 words

Obviously I have a preference for Fantasy, but Weird, Urban, Dystopian and Avant Garde genre's have a chance. Swearing and crudity do not.

By submitting you agree to allowing Heartstrings Publishing to post your story in "My Ramblings" blog. You also acknowledge the possible publication in an Anthology with no remuneration. We hold no claim on any rights to the story, at all times you are free to publish elsewhere. Do be sure that the story is not under contract with another publisher when you offer it here.

Please place "Spotlight Saturday" at the top of your submission

Additional Notes:

After your story or poem I would like to include your name and three things about you that we all must simply know...and then you may include one link that readers can follow to contact you or read more from you etc.

2014 Children's Story Contest

Closed Contest but book is underway will be available in time for Christmas gift giving

FIRST PLACE- $25.00 and contract to share profits from the sale of this book, plus one free copy

SECOND PLACE- Contract to share profits from the sale of this book, plus one free copy

THIRD PLACE- Free copy of this book

It's free to enter!!


Read several children's stories by Oscar Wilde preferably from The Happy Prince and Other Stories...but others  are fair game as long as they are children's stories.


Rewrite one of the stories. Modernize it or create different characters such as aliens or Teddy bears...be creative...even Medieval times is fine. But ..

Most important of all is to keep the theme and moral of the story intact.

That's it. Once I have at least ten acceptable submissions I will turn the stories over to an artist to illustrate lightly...not every scene... a few pictures per story. Then it will be published. This could take a year. So look for the story to be available in 2015.

Send submissions using the link above...but write 2014 Children's Story Contest at the top of your submission.



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