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L 13 Weekly Reflection

L 13 Weekly Reflection

My mind is becoming scrambled. Too much information all on top of one another makes these last few lessons and assignments hard to absorb. I appreciate having had this opportunity to learn how to create an online business. I will use much of what I have learned in several different endeavors.

For this week we continued with making SEO rankings better. The use of backlinks has been stressed as a…

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Posted 68 weeks ago

L12 Weekly Reflections


SEO ….What is it and why should we care? That has been my focus this past week.


op·ti·mi·za·tionˌ äptəməˈzāSHən,ˌäptəˌmīˈzāSHən/ noun The action of making the best or most effective use of a situation or resource. Search Engine Optimization is how sites improve the odds of garnering more attention to their site over another selling the same or similar items. It includes things…

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Posted 69 weeks ago

L 11 Weekly Reflection

L 11 Weekly Reflection

These are getting harder to write as the assignments get harder. For me, the SEO optimization is hard.  I already think my page looks nice, so how can I see my own errors? It is the same with writing a story. I can read it over several times and not see anything to fix. Then I take it to my reading group and get my printed story back with marks all over it. In order to REALLY find ways to…

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Posted 70 weeks ago
Posted 71 weeks ago

L 10 Weekly Reflection

L 10 Weekly Reflection


Quote for the week: Math Sucks!

Learning how to use Google AdWords could be an entire class unto itself.  It has its own vocabulary that a person needs to learn. Some are a little more self-explanatory than others, but still a person needs to know what to do with them as well. There are words like, Campaign, Group and Keywords. And then there is Ads, Impressions and Clicks. Eventually those…

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Posted 71 weeks ago

W8 Weekly Reflection


I really value the lessons I have learned so far in this class. There are people all across the internet charging big bucks to take their course to learn this stuff. But it is hard to know who to trust and whether what they want to teach will be sound and ethical. So I am grateful to have this class offered.

This week we have been working on our AdWord campaigns and linking analytics to our pages…

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Posted 72 weeks ago

L8 Weekly Reflection


This week the workload has been light as it is a continuation of the previous week. My adword campaign has been approved and I am getting hits. But because I chose the home page as the landing page it means people looking for the contest have to search and I assume many do not like doing that. On the one hand asking a person to explore seems like a good idea because they then see all that is…

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Posted 73 weeks ago
Posted 74 weeks ago

L7 Weekly Reflection

This week is tough. We are to get our adwords account set up. It is very sad to me that the class curriculum asks us to get our website and host found so far back and now we finally are asked to set up the adwords, but the free adwords we were offered for signing up with the host is now expired. They need to update the curriculum to either tell students to NOT activate their account yet…or to…

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Posted 74 weeks ago


This week in my business class has been the least appealing to me. Legal entity and corporate structure and taxes. Ach! All subjects nearly equal to math in their ability to garner my attention. But in case I have readers who really want to know here is what I learned for Washington State residents.

But first for anyone, to get an EIN – Federal Tax ID Number – one needs to go here:


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Posted 75 weeks ago
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